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Faith-Based Welfare Reform 
- A Constitutional Crises -

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          Welfare reform was one of the centerpieces of President Bush’s domestic agenda from the onset of his administration.   This was evident in his exploitation of then newly reformed welfare legislation via executive orders intended to expedite the placement of taxpayer money in the hands of “faith-based” charity organizations.  Bush's aim was to  liberally empower religious charities with the authority to administer government funded welfare programs.   Contrary to expectations created by his 2008 campaign promises, President Obama has left Bush's executive orders virtually untouched and actually expanded government entanglement with these faith-based entities.

          The probable long run impacts of "faith-based" participation in government funded welfare makes the underlying legislation some of the most provocative ever enacted.   In this writer's opinion, the legislation is economically and culturally irresponsible as well as being Constitutionally anarchistic.  The American public needs to carefully visit the issues and arrive at an informed  judgment about the present and future course of welfare reform in this nation.  The following narrative, associated reference links, and notes have been compiled in the service of that end.                                  .  

Part One                                                                  
Welfare Reform                                                                                         
TANF and "Charitable Choice"                              
Part Two
Government and Religion                  
Poaching for The Churches                                                                                          
Part Three                                                                                                     
The Smaller Government Agenda                                                                  
Weaning Peter to Addicting Paul                          
Poverty's Measure and Right Wing Causes             

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Part 2 
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The "Under God" Pledge Not a Religious Test?


The Pledge and the Law  - 2005
Part 1  [Background - Constitution & Religion - Wall of Separation Metaphor - Monarchy & Theocracy - Biblicalism, Deism, & Natural Law]
Part 2  [Declaration of Independence - Constitution & Revolution - Acknowledgment & Solemnization - Judicial Invocation - Judicial Oath - So Help You God?]
Part 3  [Morality Monopoly - Heritage Monopoly - Vatican & Pledge - Pillar of America - How About the Teachers?]
Part 4  [Thanks Giving - E Pluribus Unum - Star Spangled Banner - The Solicitor General's Brief]
Part 5  [Concluding Observations]


The Pledge Protection Act, Judicial Activism, and the Rule of Law

Pledge Petition - Call for Signatures


What's in the Phrase: "Separation of Church and State"?

School Vouchers
Lifestyle Politics




James Madison  

  John Adams

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"The great unmentionable evil at the center of our culture is monotheism. From a barbaric Bronze Age text known as the Old Testament, three anti-human religions have evolved--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These are sky-god religions. They are, literally, patriarchal--God is the Omnipotent Father--hence the loathing of women for 2,000 years in those countries afflicted by the sky-god and his earthly male delegates. The sky-god is a jealous god, of course. He requires total obedience from everyone on earth, as he is not just in place for one tribe, but for all creation. Those who would reject him must be converted or killed for their own good".  Gore Vidal 1998                       

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